HeartFelt™ Modular Felt Ceiling System Redefines Ceilings with Unique Texture and Soft Appearance

HeartFelt™ linear ceilings installed in an office building in Amsterdam.

It’s a material that stirs emotion.

Hunter Douglas Architectural, a leading manufacturer of ceiling and wall systems, introduces HeartFelt™, a modular felt ceiling system designed to deliver a distinctive appearance and very effective acoustics.

Hunter Douglas works with architects, designers, and contractors to translate aesthetic, functional, and acoustical requirements into constructible systems that express the client’s vision. In keeping with this approach, the company partnered with architect Bjarne Hammer of the renowned Danish practice of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects to create Heartfelt. The product subsequently won a Best of the Best award in the category of Product Design from the Red Dot Institute, earning this elite designation out of more than 5,500 entries from 54 countries in 2017.

A New Generation of Ceilings

Patented HeartFelt linear panels, created from felted, thermoformed polyester, can accommodate the design of any interior space. The unique texture and soft appearance that have long made felt an intriguing material for furniture, clothing, fashion accessories and interior finishes can also translate directly to the ceiling plane.

“Felt is fantastic to work with if you’re an architect,” said Hammer. “It’s a material that stirs emotion… It’s playful.”

HeartFelt linear ceilings bring the organic appearance of felt to the ceiling plane, adding warmth to the visual and acoustical experiences of a space. Designers and architects can use the system to create intriguing aesthetics in the ceiling plane for both work and play environments.

The panels are available in five shades of grey, ranging from off-white…

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