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The alleged victim and two young women accuse Sumit Basu, 59, of groping them during hospital checkups, a court heard yesterday.

One woman, in her 20s, also claims consultant Basu sexually assaulted her between the legs. 

A third woman, again in her 20s, says her breasts were touched.

The teenager’s mother allegedly challenged Basu when he asked the girl to remove her lower clothing.

Basu allegedly replied he needed to examine the girl “down below” as “it could all be connected”.

The mother and daughter “trusted him and permitted him to carry out the examination”, said Hanna Llewellyn-Waters, prosecuting.

The mother was a short distance away behind a curtain, Woolwich Crown Court in south-east London heard.

Basu’s alleged sex assaults on the teenager and the two other female patients are said to have happened at Lewisham hospital, in south London, between 2006 and 2014. 

He “relied on their naivety and trust to abuse them for his sexual gratification”, said Ms LlewellynWaters.

“They were all referred by their GPs to the care of the defendant in his capacity as a consultant cardiologist.

“During consultations with the complainants, the defendant abused his position of trust as their doctor, in order to sexually assault them.

“The defendant purported to carry out such activity under the guise of a medical examination. “Accordingly, the complainants submitted to the touching.”

The first alleged victim, in her 20s, went to Basu after suffering a rapid heartbeat, palpitations and chest pains. During her first three visits, the woman was allegedly left “confused” when he examined her breasts.

Ms Llewellyn-Waters said: “The defendant came from behind. At first, he listened to her heart but he then told her that he was going to check her breasts.

She placed her trust in him as her doctor.”

At a fourth appointment, she told Basu she had suffered a urinary infection.

He put on a pair of gloves and sexually assaulted her between the legs, the jury was told.

Fellow consultant cardiologist Dr Mark Dayer told police there was no clinical need for a breast or internal examination, the jury heard.

Basu also allegedly questioned the woman about her sex life and whether it hurt when she made love.

She complained to police and Basu was arrested. 

When she heard he had been charged, she said she “felt shocked and sick”.

Reporting of the allegations prompted the two other young women to independently contact detectives, the court heard.

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