Hearing loss won’t keep Sunny Hills High volleyball player Madelyn Acheson off the court – Orange County Register

“Maddie!” Sheri Acheson called from inside her house, her toddler playing in a backyard sandbox.


Sheri Acheson noticed her daughter, Madelyn, was hard of hearing at age 2, when she saw her spin around that afternoon to see from where she was being called.

“That’s how I knew something was not right,” Acheson said more than a dozen years later.

When Madelyn was 4, she was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, a common type of deafness that afflicts more than 200,000 new men, women and children every year, according to medical studies.

She was fitted for a hearing aid.

“It helped me so much,” she said.

Birds chirping, seat belts clicking, Madelyn Acheson could hear the once-unhearable.

“My life changed,” she said.

At 4, Acheson vowed to become an audiologist, to help kids with varying degrees of deafness hear things they never thought they would.

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