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Next to your money. Taxpayer money spent on flights on private jets. Another cabinet secretary under scrutiny for his travel habits. Health and human services chief taking private jets dozens of times from D.C. To Philadelphia. Cecelia Vega with the price tag. How much you have spent already. Reporter: Tonight health secretary Tom price under investigation for dozens of trips on luxury private planes. The American people need to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely. Reporter: As a congressman, price once tweeted “Congress doesn’t need to have private jets.” But now according to politico, his penchant for private planes has cost taxpayers more than three hundred thousand dollars. Last week alone, on a luxury jet like this, he took five flights. One of them, a short 30 minute round trip to Philadelphia. The cost, $10,000. Compared to about $700 for a commercial flight. It’s just not right, it’s just notight. Reporter: Today in a scathing letter, the top Democrat on the house oversight committee tells price, “The amount of taxpayer funds you spent on just one single flight is more than some of my constituents make in a year.” I just say to the secretary, Mr. Secretary you can do better and you need to set the example for the entire administration. Reporter: At least three trump cabinet secretaries now under investigation for expensive travel on the public dime. Tonight, ABC news has learned that after one meeting with the president at trump tower, treasury secretary Steve mnuchin flew back to Washington on an air force jet, costing taxpayers at least $25,000. A government jet trip to Kentucky, where mnuchin and his wife viewed the eclipse is also under review. On top of mnuchin’s request to have a government plane fly him and his wife to their honeymoon overseas, a request he ultimately withdrew. Cecelia Vega, secretary price, secretary mnuchin both under scrutiny. Reporter: Price’s office says he uses the private planes in order to accommodate his demanding schedule. They say he has taken commercial flights but you heard the Democrats. They are calling this a millionaire mind-set too common in this administration. Cecelia Vega thank you. Still much more ahead this Friday.

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