Health Coach Institute Mobile Platform, Powered by MBODY360, Set to Revolutionize the Art and Science of Highly Personalized Wellness Coaching

Health Coach Institute (HCI), a world leader in educating, certifying and providing ongoing support and services to health coaches, today announced it is rolling out a powerful, new mobile app developed with MBODY360, a wellness technology company focused on simplifying collaboration and increasing client engagement through customizing interactive experiences.

The HCI App connects coaches to their clients in friendly, convenient and creative new ways, enabling coaches to set up personalized plans making it easier to follow and track activities and progress. The app is being made available to certified coaches by HCI, and is powered by MBODY360’s platform.

The app, currently in beta, which can be branded by each coach, is made accessible on iTunes and Playstore for download, making it easy for coaches to provide their version of the app to their clients. It is preloaded with HCI’s coaching plans including the 90-Day Total Transformation, paving the way for coaches to work with clients offering customized support while monitoring progress.

“With over 10,000 graduates from 30 countries in the past 10 years, it is a perfect time to scale our ability to reach even more people and make an even greater impact on the health and wellness by rolling out this exciting new mobile experience platform,” Eric Neuner, CEO Health Coach Institute said. “Working with the MBODY360 team, we have shaped our own approach to empower our certified coaches to build even stronger relationships with their clients, and grow their coaching businesses leveraging the best tech available.”

Innovation is a hallmark of the Health Coach Institute’s success, having led to a world-class coaching education that has redefined what it means to be a Health Coach. Combining e-learning capabilities with the best instructors in the business makes it possible for coaches to drive real results for their clients and for their businesses, propelling entrepreneurs to build quality, sustainable businesses with meaning. Over a six-month educational journey, HCI certified coaches are positioned to attract and serve clients with clarity, confidence and skills. Their toolkit will now include their own mobile coaching app for the next generation of connected clients.

“Working with the visionary team at the Health Coach…

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