Healing Digestive Disorders, Fourth Edition

“This book will be useful to both the patients with digestive ailments as well as the practitioners treating them.” Steven Krems, MD

Mr. Gaeddert suffered from both Crohn’s disease and IBS. His search for therapies to resolve his own symptoms made it possible for him to help thousands of people. Healing Digestive Disorders, fourth edition published by PMPH-USA, the US publishing operation for the People’s Medical Publishing House, the largest medical publisher in China. PMPH-USA publishes clinical references, textbooks, and online material for physicians, dentists, medical students, and health science practitioners.

Mr. Gaeddert is a pioneer in herbal quality, clinical research, and the Western applications of Chinese herbs. He has popularized astragalus, ganoderma, and schizandra. He has been on the protocol team of several scientific studies sponsored by University of California, NCCAM, and Emory University.

Are you controlling your digestion, or is your digestion controlling you?

Conventional medicine, while effective for those in acute crises, often does little to help the over 60 million people who suffer from chronic digestive problems. In this fourth edition, readers are offered an extensive resource of natural remedies and recommended lifestyle changes that have helped thousands of people alleviate symptoms and heal their bodies. Drawing on his clinical experience, Andrew Gaeddert, who once suffered from Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), covers such topics as herbs and vitamins, Chinese medicine, meditation, and environmental triggers that affect digestion, helping the reader make sense of the multitude of available natural healing techniques.

The fourth edition includes expanded case studies and real-life success stories that illustrate how the author’s clients have been able to reduce or eliminate their digestive problems and enjoy greater energy. Organized in a practical manner, the book addresses obstacles to health, reducing fat intake, digestive-friendly grains, and food families as well as advanced treatment options for practitioners. Practitioners of complementary and integrative health care, and traditional Chinese medicine will find this book invaluable to help advise their clients.

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