HeadAid Products Soon to be Available on Go4ItNutrition.com

“The medical community now recognizes the effectiveness and safety HeadAid provides headache sufferers,” Kinder said.

HeadAid, a supplement known for its ability to provide natural and effective relief from severe headaches, migraines and nausea, is growing in popularity, as evidenced by its availability through Go4ItNutrition.

The natural supplement has been proven to be effective and safe through a series of rigorous double-blind studies versus a placebo. In fact, research has demonstrated that HeadAid’s all-natural formula is equally effective and safer than traditional over the counter migraine solutions like Excedrin and Tylenol. The supplement accomplishes this without the numerous dangerous side effects including liver damage, digestive tract problems and extended use can lead to heart disease and strokes.—. In some cases, patients are being prescribed the use of opiate-based drugs to address the pain associated with migraines, even though they have a high risk of addiction,.

“The fact of the matter is that headaches affect one out of every two Americans,” said Thomas Kinder, CEO of HeadAid. “There’s strong demand for a natural treatment that relieves pain without resulting in harmful side effects. HeadAid is that solution and broadening our reach through Go4ItNutrition.com will let us educate more consumer about this unique product.”

HeadAid is also available on other major retail platforms like RevNutrition.com, RonnieColemanNutrition.com and StackedNutrition.com. The company intends to keep expanding in the American market through online and brick-and-mortar sales. HeadAid is physician recommended and features a pleasantly effervescent, great-tasting bottled solution that comes in both fast-acting and daily varieties.

Primarily designed for the 12 percent of Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, HeadAid also helps to alleviate headaches resulting from general stress and tension, and will address the symptoms associated with self-induced headaches like the excessive alcohol consumption. HeadAid has been shown as a great solution for menopausal women, who are prone to frequent headaches and migraines.

“The medical community now recognizes the effectiveness and safety HeadAid provides headache sufferers,”…

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