Headaid Products Coming Soon to StackedNutrition.com

“As we continue to grow, we’re are spending time educating both the professionals and the consumers that HeadAid™ is the only clinically proven ,natural product in this category,” Kinder said.

HeadAid, a supplement known for its ability to provide natural and effective relief from severe headaches, migraines and nausea, is continuing to expand its reach in the American market through partnering with StackedNutrition.com.

Designed to be an all-natural alternative to over-the-counter medications, HeadAid has proven to be effective through a series of rigorous studies. While non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications like ibuprofen and heavy-duty painkillers are associated with harmful side effects, that include digestive tract damage, and long term use can lead to strokes, and heart attacks. and addiction, HeadAid is a safe alternative. Some side effects of conventional pharmaceutical solutions such as opiate-based medications that frequently lead to addiction. The product is already available through major online retail platforms like Amazon, RonnieColemanNutrition.com and Go4ItNutrition.com.

“Migraines and severe headaches are unfortunately all too common in today’s society,” said Thomas Kinder, CEO of HeadAid. “Our intention is to make HeadAid available wherever people are looking for natural migraine and headache solutions, free from side-effects. . This exciting new partnership with StackedNutrition puts us one step closer toward making this amazing treatment available to everyone.”

Regular headaches are one of the most prevalent health problems today, affecting about half the population. Headaches result from a wide variety of factors, including stress, tension, genetics, as well as environmental conditions. A smaller percentage of the populations suffers from acute headache associated with migraines, which are characterized by a pounding sensation in one side of the brain. They are often accompanied by debilitating side effects, such as extreme nausea and sensory sensitivity, that can make it difficult to function on a daily basis.

HeadAid™ is currently used from adolescence to adults by both men and women. One unique audience using the product is menopausal women. As women approach menopause, their hormone…

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