HeadAid Products Coming Soon to Go4ItNutrition.com

“No matter what caused your headache or how frequently you experience them, HeadAid is the right solution,” Kinder said.

HeadAid, a supplement known for its ability to provide natural and effective relief from severe headaches, migraines and nausea, is expanding its presence on the American market via Go4ItNutrition.com.

Made from all natural ingredients, HeadAid is the only physician-recommended, effective holistic remedy on the market. Best of all, it comes with virtually no side effects. HeadAid comes in a soothing nighttime formula and an energizing daytime formula. This effervescent powder mixes simply with water and comes in a variety of flavors including Lemon Ginger, Chamomile, Mixed Berry and Tropical.

“Joining forces with StackedNutrition.com means HeadAid will be front and center with health-conscious consumers,” said Thomas Kinder, CEO of HeadAid. “For anyone looking for fast and effective relief without dangerous side effects, then we have the solution. More American consumers are discovering the incredible benefits of our product.”

HeadAid has been proven to be effective and safe through a series of rigorous double-blind studies versus a placebo. These studies have demonstrated HeadAid is actually more effective at bringing relief than traditional migraine solutions like Excedrin and Tylenol. The supplement accomplishes this without the numerous dangerous side effects—from liver damage to digestive tract problems and strokes—liable to occur with conventional pharmaceutical treatments.

The company is expanding globally while focusing on operations in the US. To that end, HeadAid is now also available on other major retail platforms like RevNutrition.com, RonnieColemanNutrition.com and StackedNutrition.com. The company intends to keep expanding in the American market through online and brick-and-mortar sales.

The target audience for the product is the 12 percent of Americans who suffer from migraine headaches. However, one out of two Americans reports that they experience regular headaches. The formula works for a variety of headaches including those caused by stress and as a result of excess alcohol consumption. HeadAid is also popular among menopausal women, who are prone to frequent headaches and migraines.

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