Head-Aid® Products Available Now on RonnieColemanNutrition.com

“Our products were created to fill a void in the marketplace for easy-to-use, affordable, effective, natural products to meet the need of the headache sufferer,” Kinder said.

All-natural and fast-acting Head-Aid® brand migraine, headache and post-concussion relief dietary supplements are available to order now on health and wellness website RonnieColemanNutrition.com.

The Head-Aid® line has three different options of effervescent drink mix formulas available on RonnieColemanNutrition.com: the Head-Aid® Daily Mixed Berry flavor, the Fast Acting Day Lemon Ginger flavor and the Fast Acting Night Chamomile Ginger flavor.

“Our objective is to help the headache sufferer with products to address their symptoms free from side-effects,” Head-Aid® CEO Thomas Kinder said. “Our products are clinically supported using clinically studied ingredients, and they are of course all-natural with no MSG, no dyes or nitrates, and no wheat or gluten.”

Many conventional pharmaceutical solutions for migraine headaches have the potential to cause damage to the digestive tract, and can cause heart attacks or strokes. They also are often opiate-based, making them highly addictive. Head-Aid® is an all-natural, effective supplement to help rid yourself of migraines and headaches safely, and without the side effects.

Head-Aid® went through a series of clinical trials during its development, including analysis of how it performed against a placebo. Physicians also have begun recommending the supplement for use by menopausal women, who are more prone to get migraines due to waning estrogen levels.

Head-Aid® supplements contain magnesium to stabilize blood vessels, reduce headache frequency and intensity, and reduce light/audio sensitivity. The Daily Mixed Berry flavor also contains CoQ10, which helps reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, and Melatonin, a sleep-aid and anti-inflammatory the body produces naturally.

The Day formula contains caffeine, which improves headache relief and enhances wakefulness, while the Night formula contains the sleep aid 5-HTP, which also elevates mood; peppermint, which combats severe nausea, and Chamomile; a sleep aid and anti-inflammatory.

“Our products were created to fill a void in the marketplace for…

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