HBW Securities LLC to Affiliate with Cetera Financial Group and Cetera Advisor Networks

Barney Hellenbrand, Chief Executive Officer of HBW Partners, announces HBW’s affiliation with Cetera Advisor Networks.

Our transition to Cetera Advisor Networks enables us to keep the most appreciated features of our firm while eliminating many of the costs and burdens of being a stand-alone broker-dealer.

HBW Partners’ independent financial advisor platform, HBW Securities LLC, will be affiliating with Cetera Advisor Networks as a regional director-led firm in a transaction June 26.

The advisor-facing home office staff at HBW Partners’ home office in Simi Valley and the 55 independent financial advisors across the country will transition its $520 million in assets to Cetera Financial Group and Cetera Advisor Networks.

HBW Advisory Services LLC, which holds $300 million in assets between its registered advisors and life insurance agents, will remain solidly in place as HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., part of HBW Partners.

The independent financial advisors affiliated with HBW support retail investors across a wide spectrum of wealth levels, ages and professional backgrounds, providing fee and commission based financial guidance that is typically based on the development and implementation of a comprehensive financial plan.

Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC is an independent broker-dealer and registered investment adviser firm that utilizes a unique regional director model to support financial advisors through the entire life cycle of their business. As part of Cetera Financial Group®, Cetera Advisor Networks is able to build and support regional teams through local service, regional offices and a national home office, facilitating the success of financial professionals. Cetera…

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