Hawaii false alarm prompts plans for FCC investigation

Saturday’s errant ballistic-missile alert to cellphones, televisions and radio stations in Hawaii has officials in Washington planning to find out what went wrong.

Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans for a probe via Twitter.

“The @FCC is launching a full investigation into the false emergency alert that was sent to residents of Hawaii,” Pai tweeted later Saturday.

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, praised Pai’s decision to address an error that sent many Hawaii residents into a panic for about 40 minutes.

“This system failed miserably and we need to start over,” Schatz tweeted.

Local officials and the U.S. Pacific Command quickly recognized that the alert was a false alarm, but the system took about 40 minutes to send a corrective message to Hawaii residents, the Washington Examiner reported.

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