Havis Featured in Field Technologies Magazine “Maximizing The Productivity Of Today’s Mobile Office” Article

Havis Inc., an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, was featured in Field Technologies magazine’s July issue in the article “Maximizing The Productivity Of Today’s Mobile Office” written by Keith Steidle, director of business development and marketing at Havis.

The article outlines considerations to ensuring a company’s workers have adequate tools to do their jobs effectively in their mobile offices. The article discusses defining the needs of the workforce, and how to identify the best way to manage the installation process.


Mobile employees can benefit from well-installed, customized mobile solutions, but it takes thoughtful planning and organization to achieve a solution that will solve specific business problems and work function requirements. Additionally, employee satisfaction and their integrated mobile experience should be considered. For instance, field workers may require tablets mounted in their vehicles with the ability to easily undock or portable use. In a public safety scenario, an officer may currently use a laptop in the cabin but is transitioning to an external touch screen up front with a trunk-mounted laptop to allow for more space. To start your planning, determine the following:


What vehicle make, model, and year do you currently use? What are you looking to transition to? For example, your fleet may currently drive vans but would benefit from trucks. Or perhaps you are buying new sedans or leasing sport utility vehicles. Consider what vehicle fits your workforce’s needs best.


What equipment do you currently have, and can it be transferred to a new vehicle? Learn about what equipment is compatible with the vehicle’s make and model — whether tablets, keyboards, printers, radios, etc. Never assume the equipment you have will transition to another vehicle. Once you determine what equipment you have, you need to identify what new equipment will benefit the mobile office — including software, hardware, docking and mounting, and accessories such as screen blanking.


Keep in mind how your selections will impact the end user’s comfort, safety, and productivity on a daily basis. A mobile office designed without ergonomic…

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