Hava A Great Time Outdoors With Dakine Gloves

Every person that spends time outdoors understands the value of a good glove. Whether skiing, snowboarding, biking or sailing, gloves protect hands from the elements and to help avoid injury. Being cold or having pain in your hands is not a good way to enjoy your favorite hobby. Dakine gloves are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors for men, women and children for your outdoor adventures.

Those who enjoy winter sports, particularly skiing and snowboarding, need to have warm hands and the ability to use their hands and fingers. A glove that is not at least water resistant will quickly leave their hands cold and numb. The threat of frostbite in cold conditions cannot be overlooked.

Advances in technology have provided outdoor clothing manufacturers the ability to create products that are virtually waterproof while still remaining breathable. Airflow, to a certain extent, is required to keep the extremities warm and dry and for alleviating frostbite. Insulating materials have become denser and lighter to provide additional warmth without adding bulk. Many gloves now come with an insert that can be used as a standalone glove while not in the extreme cold.

Bicyclists also need to protect their hands. Whether riding bicycle motocross, BMX, trails, preparing for a long distance race or just riding to the office, a glove must be able to protect your hands. And not just the tops of the hands. Grip must be easily attainable while not slipping. Slip has a tendency to create blisters on the palms. A good leather or synthetic non-slip palm will help to avoid blisters.

Protection on the top of the hand is equally, if not more, important than palms. Knuckles can get scraped, not only on the dirt, concrete or blacktop resulting from a fall or crash, but from passing too closely to a tree or parked car. Fingers can be broken during the same types of mishaps. A good riding glove will have knuckle protectors, in gel, foam or plastic along with additional padding for fingers and the top of the hand.

Sailors and windsurfers need to protect their hands from rope burns and blisters. Holding the rope on a kite or windsurfing board for even a few hours, not to mention all day, can leave one in a lot of pain. A glove, or half-glove in warmer weather or a mitt in colder weather will protect from rope burns while still allowing grip and the ability for the hands to breathe.

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