Has Windows 8 Boosted Up Laptop/Desktop Sales?

It is known to all of us that after its launch, Windows 8 got a lukewarm acceptance from the users across global technology market. Users seem to have bombarded the online forums with the reflection of their disappointments from Windows 8. Market research firms like NPD Group came up with reports to reveal that sales of Windows 8 supported Notebooks went down by 21 percent in the first month of Windows 8 general availability.

There is no denial that Microsoft brought a fundamental shift with Windows 8 in order to make its operating system (OS) more compatible with touch-screen devices, which seem to be the choice of majority of gadget lovers. If that is the concern then Windows 8 can’t be tagged as a failed OS, because it runs fairly awesome, fast and sleek, in the right kind of hardware i.e touch devices. But when it comes to non-touch desktops or laptops, Windows 8 have failed to live up to the expectation of the users.

In the year 2013, worldwide PC sale declined, probably because handy, small and portable touch devices turned out to be a huge success in capturing the users’ attention. In such a scenario, even Microsoft molded its OS features to comply more with touch devices and less with non touch laptops and desktops.

Why the users of non-touch devices disliked Windows 8?

It seems, the only mistake that Microsoft has committed is that it put all its attention towards enhancing the usability over touch-screen devices and neglected its large chunk of those users who are still using Windows supported non-touch desktops and laptops. Some of the most reported complaints against Windows 8 are:

  • It has removed the Start menu/Start button
  • It doesn’t boot to the desktop
  • To effectively use it touchscreen/trackpad gestures/Touch Mouse are required
  • Some older CPUs don’t support it.

Although, some grievances of the users seem close to the reality because these are actually troubling the user interface with the OS, but a few complaints…

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