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Windows of opportunity are wider for forage producers, with three HarvXtra® alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology products from CROPLAN® seed.

HarvXtra® alfalfa provides greater flexibility in cutting management than conventional alfalfa. It also offers the opportunity to increase yield and quality potential. With HarvXtra® alfalfa, forage growers can:

Maintain their current harvest schedules to obtain higher forage quality potential, or

• Delay harvest to reduce harvest frequency, increase yield potential and maintain normal forage quality.

Less lignin. Greater digestibility.

For more than three decades, alfalfa breeders have used conventional breeding techniques to select for improved forage quality. The most advanced alfalfa available today, HarvXtra® alfalfa offers farmers more cutting flexibility for greater yield potential or improved forage quality by modifying lignin content beyond what is possible with conventional breeding.

CROPLAN® HarvXtra® alfalfa varieties contain an average of 20 percent less lignin and 17 percent higher neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFD) when compared to conventional alfalfa at the same stage of maturity. Farmers can choose to delay harvest up to 7-10 days to attain greater yield without sacrificing quality. Trials showed CROPLAN® HarvXtra® alfalfa varieties with three cuttings at 35-day intervals achieved 20 percent more forage yield over the life of the stand than conventional alfalfa with four cuttings at 28-day intervals.* 

Lignin is important in maintaining alfalfa’s standability; however, it is not very digestible. HarvXtra® alfalfa “rewires” how an alfalfa plant makes lignin, changing both composition and content with no increase in lodging.

Features of HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology varieties available from CROPLAN® seed:


• Exceptional wet-soil-disease resistance; high resistance to Aphanomyces root rot races 1, 2 and 3 disease. • Excellent late-season disease tolerance with high resistance to multi-race Anthracnose. • Newest variety of the HarvXtra® alfalfa trait with excellent crop safety.

• Available in GroZone® plus Advanced Coating® ZN plus Stamina® fungicide seed treatment to provide additional early plant heath.

• Stacked with Roundup Ready® Technology for unsurpassed weed control with…

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