Harrington Moving and Storage Gives Back Through Toys 4 Kids

Toys 4 Kids is a very simple yet special way for Jeff Harrington, president of Harrington Moving and Storage, to give back to those in need. His eight-year-old son Aidan, diagnosed two years ago with leukemia, spends hours in chemotherapy treatments each month at the Valerie Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

“The scariest day of my life was the day I realized my son was dying of cancer and there was nothing to do but watch and wait. We all rushed from Overlook in Summit to Morristown Memorial in shock with hopes that they would have some miracle answer for us. I remember the nurses, who were just heaven sent, asking my son if he would like a toy from the treasure chest? Obviously, Aidan was in no condition to move so I began looking for a toy in this box. It’s funny as I was searching I began a silent conversation with God that went something like “Man you need to give me a break here. Where are the legos? Transformers?”  I was desperate to come up with something we used to play with, but all I saw were what my son would call “boring toys”, and this was no time for boring toys. Like a sparkle from a ring I saw this pack of baseball cards. Within a seconds time I was on my way to his bedside to tell him this grand story of Derek Jeter and how one day he too would…and then as I flipped the cards over there was my close friend Ken Daneyko, with the Stanley Cup over his head and the fulfilled playoff beard!  My son was thrilled but did not understand why Ken was playing hockey, because he really played for the Boston Red Sox my son insisted. My son slept with that card every night! I’m not sure who it helped more, me or him”

“Leukemia, any cancer for that matter, is a tragedy when it strikes children. Families are devastated and children can be terrified of the treatments,” Ken said. “Jeff and Aidan are practically like family, so it was important for me to see what I could do to help. And it is wonderful to see Aidan doing so well…

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