Growing up Democrat in red state Texas, Republican in blue state California

Most Americans today believe our country is deeply politically divided and politically active, and it has even trickled down into elementary schools.

“People have punched me in the face before” for supporting President Donald Trump, said 8-year-old Satya, whose parents are Republicans, voted for Trump and who live in California, a traditionally deep blue state. Satya said she has even lost friends over it.

Similarly, in Texas, a traditionally red state, another 8-year-old named Zoe whose mother is Democrats said, “My friend Matthew, he was worried about his grandparents getting deported when Donald Trump became the president.”

“Nightline” spoke to three mothers who are who are Democrats living in Texas and three mothers who are Republicans living in California, all of whom said their kids received backlash at school and from friends for their families’ political beliefs.

“Oh, people say, ‘You’re bad because you like Donald Trump and I wanted Hillary,’ and they get mad at me,” said Kieran, a 9-year-old living in Los Angeles County.

Veronica Penrod, a Democrat living in Texas, said after the election, kids at her child’s school were going around saying “build the wall.” She added that her family is concerned that her being a Democrat means she doesn’t have a relationship with God.

Over in Los Angeles County, California, Republican women were feeling similarly shamed for their beliefs. A group of them meet in a private Facebook group to chat about their support for Trump since the election in a “safe space,” as one mom put it. The mothers “Nightline” spoke to in California asked that their last names not be used.

One mother named Elizabeth said some people in the Facebook group are in the entertainment industry or are business owners and said, “people can’t be out about [their support for Trump] because it could jeopardize their career.”

Elizabeth’s 11-year-old son Dwight said, “I wore a Trump shirt to school, and everyone got all mad at me.”

When President Barack Obama was elected, Dwight said, “We didn’t go out on the street and protest, and break things down and burn things, we kept quiet for eight years so why can’t the Democrats just let us have our fun.”

“Nightline” first met Dwight and his mother at PolitiCon earlier this summer, a convention in Los Angeles. “We went because Dwight wanted to go,” Elizabeth said.

Dwight said he voted for Trump in his school’s mock…

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