Growing Old And Staying Young

Growing old is something that many dread and lots fight. Growing old doesn’t have to be a negative thing but saying to yourself that age is just a number isn’t the best method either. Our Michigan Senior Living centers want to offer methods to growing old gracefully and maintaining that essence of “youth” and being happy.

First off you need to understand where you developed the image of “old”. Where did it all start and what caused it. Perhaps as a child you say your old Aunt Mary and to you she was old. Perhaps Uncle Jim looked like he was about to keel over any time, at the rip age of 45. To a child that can be really old. The funny thing is, the older you get, they younger they appear.

Figure out how old you really are. Think about people your age and compare. Do they seem older or younger than you? If you see people your age who are out and about, happy, and experiencing life and you feel they are “younger” than you, then you need to look at yourself and start taking steps towards living your life as you feel you should. Youth is something you do, not what you are.

Something everyone should do is make a list. Define what you want to do by the time you are 40, 50, or even 100. This doesn’t need to be ridiculous things like bungee jump off a bridge or catch a shark. Your list can be anything from learning to scuba dive to baking a pie with a daughter or granddaughter. These can be anything, but it is important to keep goals and deadlines. Think about what you have put off and get it done. Even if what you want to do most is bounce your son on your knee and tell him a story about his great grandfather. Especially if your son is now 25.

Get that will together while you’re young. Don’t leave it until you’re older when you will worry and fret over it. You can always tweak it as you age. It’s also important to live with no regrets. Don’t live with wrongs to be made right and better yet, don’t create wrongs. Live with happiness and be the first to say you are sorry.

Live life to its fullest. We hear this a lot and many people find that it is either too inconvenient or difficult. You don’t need to do anything drastic to live your life despite what people tell you. Your life is the only one you have and whether it’s perfect or not, enjoy it. Do what makes you happy. Hate your job? Do something about it. Find something that makes you happy. Wish your grandchildren spent more time with you? Get over there and take an active part in the…

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