Grow Your Sales Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Let’s talk about your ideal subscriber. We’ll call her Sally. She has all the traits of a real top performer when it comes to your mailing lists. She opens nearly every email, clicks your links  regularly, offers feedback when requested, and has even purchased a few of your products. Subscriber Sally is la crème de la crème of your email subscribers.

We know what you’re thinking right about now — “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I had an entire list of Subscriber Sallys?” And without a doubt, that answer is a resounding yes! Sally is your dream subscriber. She’s active, engaged, and she converted. She’s the total package!

So let’s talk about how to find more Sallys to add to your list, or find people like her you can sell to.

How do I find more people like my top subscribers?

You could grow organically by guest posting on similar websites where your current subscribers hang out, going on the podcasts popular with your subscriber base, and even by running share contests.

Or … You can let Facebook and FeedBlitz work their magic and locate your expanded audience for you.

How? By pairing FeedBlitz’s Engagement Filters with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience advertising, a tool designed to target Facebook users whose interests and demographics match or look like a list you provide.

The great part about this is FeedBlitz and Facebook have done all of the hard work for you.

Beginning with a Facebook Custom Audience

To build a Lookalike Audience in Facebook to find people like Subscriber Sally, you first need a Custom Audience of your current Subscriber Sallys. A Facebook Custom Audience identifies people who are already within your reach, in this case those who are already on your mailing list.

To build your Custom Audience, Facebook needs at least 100 email addresses from your mailing list. In your Facebook Ads Manager, select the Audiences tab and upload your list as a Customer List. Facebook will then create your Custom Audience.

The key is figuring out which email addresses to upload.

Finding Your Best Subscribers

This is where FeedBlitz’s Engagement Filters come into play. Target your active, engaged subscribers, your Hot List – aka your Subscriber Sallys – so your Facebook ad gets in front people who behave like your top subscribers.

There’s no need to sort through endless spreadsheets finding your top subscribers. Choose how far back you would like to track activity, go through a few clicks, and our Engagement Filters will take…

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