Group Mobile Launches New Website Dedicated to Getac Rugged Mobile Computing Products, Featuring QuickShip in 48 Hours

“We are very excited and eager to launch the new Getac microsite…”

Group Mobile, a rapidly expanding premier provider of innovative, full-service mobile technology solutions today announces the launch of a new microsite dedicated to Getac rugged devices and accessories. Getac’s business includes rugged notebooks, rugged tablets and rugged handheld and mobile video system devices for military, police, fire, utility, insurance and field-service customers. The microsite will provide Getac and Group Mobile customers with a faster and more flexible way to shop for Getac rugged devices and accessories online. Customers can order select configurations of the Getac S410 rugged laptop, F110 rugged tablet and V110 rugged convertible to have shipped in 48 hours – unmatched and innovative in the rugged computer industry as rugged devices typically have a 6-8-week lead time from order to delivery.

“We are very excited and eager to launch the new Getac microsite. Our team has spent many months developing this site not only for our customers with ease of purchase functionality, but as a strategic internal tool for Getac sales use to strengthen the strategic partnership with Getac as a Premier trusted value-added integrator” said Darin White, President, Group Mobile. “The ability to purchase a QuickShip Getac device and have it shipped in 48 hours is revolutionizing the way rugged technology is purchased and delivered – our commitment to bring in large amounts of Getac inventory and execute on large project based rugged mobile device deployment Group Mobile customer plans is part of a very strategic project within this microsite development.”

Three different Getac devices are in stock and ready to ship in 48 hours, the Getac V110 convertible laptop, F110 rugged tablet and S410 semi-rugged laptop. These rugged computers are three of the most popular computers manufactured by Getac with the most popular custom features on the market.

Visit and order any device manufactured by Getac, or, select a QuickShip model and have your rugged laptop or tablet shipped in 48 hours.

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