GroundMetrics Awarded Contract for Subsurface CO2 Monitoring

eQube sensor deployed in field

When you can measure something, you can manage it better.

GroundMetrics Inc., a world-leading electromagnetic sensor system company and oil and gas technology pioneer, will be monitoring CO2 in the subsurface through a new project selected for award by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

GroundMetrics already uses its propriety resistivity sensors and software to address many applications on the oilfield, including Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2 and steam). But the same electromagnetic imaging technology can also be used to map the CO2 injected for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The International Energy Agency estimates that CCS technology offers the potential to lessen net CO2 emissions by up to 85‐95% compared to the same process without CCS. However, there have been delays in CCS deployment in part due the lack of a regulatory framework for long‐term liability for negative impacts of any leakages from underground storage facilities. This means that effective monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) for CO2 is critical to the initiation and success of these projects.

CO2 is also extremely useful for the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process and industry-wide, CO2 injection represents 30% of total production costs on EOR fields. There is a need to image the CO2 injection profile in the reservoir to ensure the gas stays in the target zone and to optimize the EOR process by monitoring areal and vertical sweep efficiency.

In partnership with DOE, GroundMetrics will develop a continuous monitoring system to measure resistivity changes. If the test is successful, it will allow oil companies and sequestration managers to better monitor CO2 saturation, allowing them to improve operational…

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