Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Comes to the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival

What We Leave Behind

Los Angeles startup ARwall and immersive entertainment studio Clever Fox invite Park City audiences to help create What We Leave Behind, an augmented reality collaborative storytelling experience at the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival. The experience places participants in breathtaking environments while concealing their identities with facial replacement technology. Participants can then record personal, anonymous, stories of anxiety and hope in the digital age. These stories will be archived online at for a larger audience to connect with.

What We Leave Behind: We curate our digital life and hide behind it like a mask; a wall that separate us from each other. As we balance on the edge of a tipping point between a brave new world and social, economic and environmental disaster we invite you to enter an alternate reality where you’re free to share your hopes and fears for the future. We give you a new face and the freedom to say the things you can’t. What We Leave Behind is a collaborative storytelling experience using AR technology. Your story is collected online to inspire others. Presented with immersive visuals by Dekker Dreyer and a score from Cyr3n, What We Leave Behind is powered by ARwall and Clever Fox.

The technology for What We Leave Behind comes from both ARwall and Clever Fox. ARwall has created an AR display that requires no headset, no goggles, no smart device. Their first product is an alternative to green screen workflow used in VFX for film & TV. Their second product, AR3D, allows users to interact with VR and AR experiences on any screen. They envision a future that bridges the worlds of AR and VFX, where you can peer through a “window illusion” and interact seamlessly with the virtual world. Clever Fox developed an in-house facial replacement system that works in real-time via a DSLR camera system for the project

“ARwall is thrilled to participate in this groundbreaking project at Slamdance. We are always looking for new collaborations that blur the lines between filmmaking, VFX, and augmented reality. What We Leave Behind will show festival goers firsthand how AR can be used by filmmakers to create visually stunning content in ways that have never…

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