Green Energy Concepts, Inc. (GECI) is the Exclusive Distributor of OneCharge® Lithium Ion Batteries in the Southeast

GECI is the exclusive OneCharge® Lithium Battery Distributor in the Southeast

“OneCharge® has the most experience with Lithium battery configurations for forklifts,” said Thomas Valentini of GECI

Green Energy Concepts, Inc. (GECI) with facilities in Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; and Salem, VA; entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with OneCharge® Lithium Ion Batteries of Irvine, CA. GECI will represent OneCharge® in the Southeastern United States territory.

OneCharge® has been engineering and designing their lithium battery for several years. Based on European technology introduced over 5 years ago, OneCharge® has refined and perfected the technology to fit all major brands of forklifts. “We chose to partner with OneCharge® because they have been developing lithium technology for forklifts longer than all other US lithium battery companies. OneCharge® has the most experience with Lithium battery configurations for forklifts,” said Thomas Valentini of GECI.

The OneCharge® lithium ion battery technology cuts charging time in half, requires no maintenance and has a significantly longer lifetime than comparable lead acid batteries, resulting in lowered costs of warehouse equipment. In many facilities that cost savings would mean a 50% reduction in costs. The lithium ion battery will revolutionize warehouse maintenance, with a lifecycle of a minimum of 10 or more years, compared to the current lead acid battery lifespan of 5-7 years.

Patented OneCharge® Battery Equalizer technology actively transfers power between cells, equalizing voltage and making full 100% capacity of the battery available. Battery continues to be operational, even if some cells have lost their ability to store energy, thus making a virtual cell effect. Conventional lithium batteries become inoperable if one of their cells degrades. Another advantage of OneCharge® Active system is extremely low self-discharge (less than 3% per month). This minimizes the need to charge batteries when stored for an extended period of time and is built with protection and switching functionality that is specifically developed for warehouse environment to prevent battery damage.

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