Great Tibet Tour Says the 2018 Tibet New Year Will Be An Exciting Event

Great Tibet Tour is informing the public about the excitement that comes with the Tibet New Year celebration. The 2018 edition of the event will include many important activities and rituals.

The Tibet region will truly come alive during the 2018 New Year. The 2018 Tibet New Year festivals will be held on February 16, 2018. Also known as the Losar Festival, it is the most important festival on the annual Tibetan calendar and lasts for fifteen days as a vital part of the year for all in the country.

This is an event that features a bit of mysticism to it. Mantsikhang, an institute of Tibetan medicine and astrological studies, is responsible for determining the dates of the Tibet New Year every year. This timing is mysterious and cannot be predicted in advance. People have to go to a market to order the almanac produced by the group to figure out what the dates for the Tibet New Year actually are.

The Tibetan New Year festivals are a grand celebration of the Buddhist faith of many in the country. It is a festival dedicated to removing the evil influences in the lives of many.

The New Year celebrations are all about expelling the evil forces in the world while praying for good luck as the coming year moves along. People have strong beliefs suggesting that those who are happy and positive about their lives will get more out of them.

People over travel out to the capital Lhasa to enjoy everything that the New Year celebrations have to offer. It is often easy to find many restaurants and hotels in Lhasa including many cheap accommodations although some restaurants will be closed during the season.

The unique traditions held during the New Year are among the most distinct things that people will experience as they visit Tibet. These include many rituals where torches and fireworks are brought around Tibet to ward off evil spirits. Guthuk is also prepared as flour, mutton and ginseng fruit is mixed with different items that are representative of many characteristics that people might have.

Folk dancing takes place during the holiday including the Vbrasdkar traditions that entail white masks and song and dance. It is believed that those who participate in such dances will have luck throughout the coming year. The mesmerizing dances and unique customs make the New Year all the more enticing in Tibet.


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