Great Set of Activities for All Ages and All Groups of People

Imagine enjoying a family holiday or team building activities in the middle of a reserve forest. Yes, we are delving on Rishikesh. Think about weekend getaways from the Delhi and NCR region and Rishikesh serves the purpose best. If you are a corporate team, get away from the comfort of your board-rooms and find your extended conference space at this reserve forest. If you happen to opt staying in a luxury cottage that provides the A-Z of luxury facilities and business conveniences, your team building activities will only be given a big boost. Senior management team-building, sales conferences, brainstorming and strategizing – every corporate activity is facilitated here.

Do not be driven by the notion that you will enjoy DJ nights amid loud music here. As the setting is a reserve forest, you enjoy a completely different milieu from other hotels and resorts. The place is for all those looking for an active Family Holiday or fun filled adventure oriented weekend getaways. It is not for those looking at waking late or sipping a cocktail with lunch. Of course, you will enjoy great food here, enjoy relaxing at the swimming pool, sip coffee at the café, and more. You will find this cottage offering a great set of activities for all ages and all groups of people – school children, family, groups, corporate teams, and the like.

When we speak about team building activities as part of weekend getaways at this hospitality centre, it is a range of activities offered that help engage teams with the outdoors and with each other. This does not mean that the team will get engaged in the adventure activities all by themselves. All activities such as rafting, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, high ropes, etc. are conducted by qualified Indian and international instructors. Besides, as per preferences, the team can sit for conference in the dedicated conference room.

Work and fun thus go hand in hand. Such team building activities in the corporate world are gaining big momentum, so is the boom in weekend getaways from the Delhi and NCR witnessed at present. Similar adventure activities apply for family holiday too. There are dedicated corporate and family holiday packages to choose from so that you save on your pocket and yet enjoy a wonderful vacation under the guidance of trained experts – a vacation that would leave its imprint on your mind, a vacation that would magnetize you to come back again and take part in the adventure activities year after year!


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