Gravity4 Becomes First Marketing Cloud To Accept Cryptocurrency as a form of Payment for Digital Advertising, including Bitcoin, ahead of its LydianCoin Launch

Say Hello to MonaLisa

If I had access to more in-depth marketing tools utilizing big data and A.I., the exposure to the market would have been limitless. Gravity4 is greatly positioned to own this market as we would have loved to be their customer. We look forward in exploring ways to work with them.

Gravity4, a leading big data marketing cloud that recently introduced LydianCoin Pte Ltd. (“Lydian”), its blockchain subsidiary, will become the first marketing platform to offer advertising services to be paid in cryptocurrency, effective today.


Earlier this year, Gravity4 announced its artificial intelligence (AI) marketing engine, MonaLisa, which uses machine learning predictive solutions to forecast the highest performing media channels within the programmatic ad placement ecosystem. MonaLisa gives marketers the ability to control their consumer data and maximize ad placement efficacy by applying deep learning algorithms to data aggregated through Gravity4’s proprietary app center. The underlying technology is a pivotal piece in the company’s mission to develop blockchain technologies to eliminate ad fraud.


During the ad buying process, clients can now select BTC and ETH as a method of payment, and the Company plans to expand this to accept 40 coins in the near future. The option to pay in cryptocurrencies highlights Gravity4’s dedication to playing a critical role in the growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

“Many companies that have completed token-offerings or ICOs have told us their biggest challenge was the lack of finding a mainstream marketing product,” said Gravity4 founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal. “Now that our platform accepts cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism, we are setting a precedent for what will soon become LydianCoin, and be the voice for marketing services. We’ll continue to be a driving advocate and champion of the cryptocurrency industry as it continues toward mainstream market adoption.”

The new offering will allow companies that have substantial cryptocurrency holdings that may be reluctant to liquidate large sums of cryptocurrencies into fiat to purchase digital marketing products and services. Businesses in the cryptocurrency and…

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