grandPad, the Tablet Based Solution Designed for Seniors, Announces “Best Price Ever” for August

grandPad®, the creators of the tablet based solution custom designed for seniors (especially over the age of 75), announces a limited time August offer to make the device more accessible to more seniors and their families. The intuitive and easy to use tablet will be available for $49.00/month as part of an annual plan, with the deal ending August 31.

In cooperation with technology leader Acer, the grandPad makes communication for seniors simpler than ever before. In addition to seamless video calling and top-tier, friendly U.S. based customer service representatives, the grandPad senior tablet includes features to increase senior autonomy, encourage easy communication and drive happier and more confident lives for this audience.

The design goal is that a 90 year old will love the grandPad in 90 seconds. The tablet arrives fully charged and does not require passwords nor configuration. Utilizing a large wireless charging cradle, the lightweight tablet can be preloaded by family members with photos and music.The front-facing speakers allow for seniors to hear others during calls or listen to music without the need for headphones. LTE data connection is also included. Additionally, the front and rear facing 5-megapixel camera displays high-resolution photos and videos that can be taken and viewed through the screen. grandPad also solves traditional email frustration with simple one touch sending and receiving of emails, weather updates, games, and curated music channels suited for personal preferences and music therapy.

“Communication and sharing amongst families does not have to be intimidating nor difficult,” said Scott Lien, grandPad CEO and Co-Founder. “What makes grandPad unique is that it’s built specifically for the needs of the senior population, and can easily be integrated with families and friends with smartphone applications that connect everyone and ultimately give our parents and grandparents healthier and happier lives because they are reconnected to experiences that they have missed out on due to advances in technology.”

“Beyond the product, we offer live customer support so that seniors never feel alone,” said Lien. “One of our customers said to us, ‘When you’re alone, you’re not alone. You just got…

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