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  • Grand Designs sees a couple make an icredible saving on their dream London home
  • One is a fan of historical architecture, while the other is obsessed with the modern
  • Will they manage to build their dream home on Channel 4’s Grand Designs tonight?

Grand Designs has seen castles, life boats and various other crazy living situations dreamt up on the Channel 4 show, starring Kevin McCloud.

Now a couple has built their dream home in London, and saved a whopping £400,000.

The couple, who work as neurologists, were originally told by builders that it would cost them an enormous £1 million to build a house on the plot of land they bought in Islington.

The plot itself cost £725,000 – so the total build would not have been far from the region of £2m.


Grand Designs 2017: Couple build £2m London house from scratch

Grand Designs 2017: Couple build £2m London house from scratch in latest episode of new series

Penny Talelli and Mark Edwards decided to cut out the middleman and do the building and designing themselves. 

They created a house in the shape of a box, coated in zinc.

The couple planned a spacious living and dining area, as well as a kitchen with mod cons, which combined wood and metal to stunning effect.

Penny designed and created a night yellow staircase made of steel in the home.


Grand Designs: The floor plans for the ambitious house show just how the couple plan to live

The pair are planning to build a family home that will serve them for the future.

The North London land was incredibly expensive and also in a steep gradient. The pair are planning to build two structures of the property, that will represent the contrast in their personal tastes.

“The whole building is, over time, slipping slowly down the hill,” Mark said.

However, to comabt this the lower half the building ill be dug into the slope, and have a very strong steel foundation to keep it stable.


Grand Designs 2017: The young couple saved £400,000 building their London property

Various Twitter users chime in with their view on the couple’s build. One seemed to think it was very short sighted of the pair to aim to do the build themselves.

One said: “#granddesigns I think not having a project manager’s short-sighted. Neurologists they maybe, why not recognise other skills have value too?”

Another said: “If I had to put the shape of the lodge back I’d clad it to match the new part.”


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