Grammy Nomination for Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent

As Rhonda Vincent recuperates from a respiratory illness, she looks forward to celebrating the news of a Grammy Nomination for her project titled “ALL THE RAGE – VOLUME ONE” – a LIVE intimate concert by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage.

“What wonderful news to hear, especially as I rest and recover from this illness,” Rhonda shares from Missouri. “I just made it home to recuperate when texts and emails started flooding my inbox with the news of the Grammy nomination.”

Rhonda states how honored she is to travel around the world, eleven months of the year, with such award winning musicians. Each member is featured in this project “All The Rage – Volume One.” Many performed songs they wrote, so it’s a very personal project that displays every aspect of this band.

“Every musician of The Rage has been hand selected for their musicianship,” Rhonda shares. “They are all at the Top of their Game, and the Best in their Field. I stand in awe during our shows, amazed at what they bring to our show,” Rhonda shares with love and enthusiasm for her band.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on January 28, 2018 in New York City, NY at Madison Square Garden.

Rhonda expressed how grateful she and her band are, for the support of their music, and the blessing to have a career performing the music they love.

As the voting for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards begins, Rhonda and her band will be resting up from a rigorous year of performing all around the world. They will wait anxiously to see if they might be the winner of the Grammy, but extend their sincere congratulations to all Grammy nominees, and an extra congratulations to their friends in the Best Bluegrass Album category.

Rhonda says, “It’s a win win for all of us, with these amazing artists contributing bluegrass to the world of music!”

Here’s a link to videos from this Grammy nominated project ALL THE RAGE – VOLUME ONE “Rhonda Vincent & The Rage”

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage look forward to a full schedule in 2018.

1/5 – Columbia, SC

1/6 – Jekyll Island, GA

1/8 – Nashville, TN (Benefit for Ernie Thacker, with Doyle Lawson, Ralph…

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