GPT Reaches School Based Telehealth Milestone

It should never be the intention of school-based telehealth centers to erode the local medical community.

Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) is excited to announce that it now serves more than one hundred schools throughout the state of Georgia, a major milestone for the telehealth networking agency. GPT has been very passionate about this market segment for many years, and employees are grateful that their passion has yielded such results. According to Loren Nix, Director of School-Based Telehealth at GPT, the key to the company’s success in school-based telehealth lies in its unique approach to planning school-based programs. From the beginning phases, GPT seeks to develop telehealth programs around each school system’s needs that capitalize on an already-existing medical community. “As we begin initial planning with schools interested in implementing telehealth, we strongly encourage them to conduct a local scavenger hunt to assess and tap into existing healthcare providers in their area,” Nix explains. “It should never be the intention of school-based telehealth centers to erode the local medical community.” GPT believes school-based telehealth should work to enhance existing medical services and to provide better access to care. GPT’s robust network of providers can then step in to support healthcare needs that are not met locally.

Global Partnership for Telehealth (GPT)—a not-for-profit, statewide telehealth network based in Waycross, Georgia—is changing the face of school-based healthcare by partnering with more than 25 Georgia school systems to provide telehealth services to both students and staff. GPT’s school-based telehealth program began as a pilot project in Berrien Elementary School in 2009; it has since expanded to include more than one hundred schools across the state of Georgia. GPT’s model provides the telehealth equipment and infrastructure needed for school nurses, counselors, and other staff to connect patients with healthcare providers for acute care, specialty care, and behavioral health needs. GPT, however, is more than just an equipment vendor. The agency also provides programmatic support, training, end-user IT support, scheduling assistance, and a dedicated regional account…

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