Got Vape Touts Importance of Quality Vaporizers and E-Liquids is the premier Vaporizer Health Network

Got Vape is the complete end to end vaporizer solution.

Got Vape is recognized as a leader in the burgeoning online vaporizer product industry. They sell the premier vape products on their site and have been through a rapid expansion of the market in their 15 plus years in business, which has evolved into some high-profile debates over product safety for both physical vape units and the “e-liquids” or “e-juices” that are used during the vape experience. Joe Arellano of Got Vape sees the increased coverage as an opportunity to demonstrate the difference that product quality makes in the overall experience.

E-Juices give the vape experience its flavor, but not all of them are created equal, says Arellano. “Our focus is always on the quality of our e-juices. Whether you’re a smoker trying to quit or a vape aficionado, our products will meet your needs and are a great alternative to the harmful chemicals and carcinogens of cigarette smoke.” Arellano continues, “I really recommend for vapers to look at the blends of their favorite juices and the ingredient break down. Not all e-juice is of the highest quality, so it’s important to know the difference. Quality of ingredients will continue to be the top priority at”

Product safety has been at the forefront lately for the vaping industry. As vape products have become more sophisticated, they have also added safety features like temperature controls and an automatic shutoff for peace of mind of the user. An example of a new product with increased safety and features is the Sutra Mini. Arellano says that this compact unit has convenience without sacrificing quality. “The Sutra Mini is a vaporizer…

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