GoSun Appoints Glenergy as Canadian Distributor for its Solar Cookers

GoSun Inc. announced today that it has appointed Glenergy as the Canadian distributor of its innovative solar cooker products. Glenergy is a distributor and retailer of solar electric products and auxiliary equipment and has distribution throughout Canada through its dealer network.

According to Glen MacGillivray, President of Glenergy, “Over the past 15-20 years I have reviewed and tested several solar cookers, and the GoSun product is the first solar cooker I have found that really can compete with conventional outdoor cooking appliances. Their innovative, patented technology, allows one to cook in the clouds and even in the freezing cold, which is important to many customers in Canada.” Glenergy also made an undisclosed investment in GoSun to help accelerate its development of two new solar cookers, one of which will be designed specifically for the developing country marketplace.

Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun, noted, “We receive many inquiries from Canadian dealers and customers, now we can service them easily through Glenergy, since they will be stocking inventory of all our products in the warehouse in Ontario.

“Glenergy is also a shareholder and NewLight Africa, a British company that delivers solar lights and lighting systems in Kenya. According to the UN, over 3 billion people, or 40% of the world are cooking on fuels that are harmful to their health, and creating harmful emissions,” said Patrick Sherwin, GoSun Founder and CEO. “GoSun is committed to making incredible cooking devices to fuel and inspire cleaner living here in the U.S. and around the world. Our new solar grill, along with our current products, are designed to change the way we cook, utilizing clean energy from the sun to promote sustainability and healthy cooking.”


How It Works

The GoSun solar stoves incorporate a proprietary vacuum tube technology that allows for fast cooking, portability, simple operation, and safe and clean cooking, without propane or charcoal. Sunlight is focused by parabolic reflectors onto the vacuum tube that converts up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays into heat that builds up to temperatures of 550oF or 288oC. Despite the high cooking temperatures, the exterior of the grill remains cool. In addition, the vacuum tube also doubles as an insulator, keeping the food hot even…

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