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Google Street View will soon map air pollution in cities

Google Maps wants to map pollution levels on city roads. 

The Californian search company’s Street View vehicles have been fitted with sensors that detect pollutants, enabling them to map out toxic hotspots in city centres.

This data will be used to help commuters find a healthier route to their destination. 

Google is currently testing a prototype map that reveals the pollution levels in Oakland California.

Pollution levels are indicated with a red, orange and yellow traffic light system. 

Google Maps will use these colours to plot the areas with the highest levels of air pollution. 

Warmer colours – peaking with dark crimson – indicate the greatest level of pollution. Likewise, cooler colours indicate the least polluted areas.

The map uncovered the levels of harmful pollutants at junctions and crossroads are between five and eight times higher than nearby streets. 


The most highly polluted areas are marked in red

Google’s air quality project has been ongoing since 2015 covering over 14,000 miles. 

This map makes the invisible, visible, so that we can breathe better and live healthier.

Google spokesperson

The project is a collaboration between Google, the US Environmental Defence Fund and researchers at The University of Texas. 

From the prototype map it shows that the highest levels of…

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