Google is helping turn Christmas Island into the next Galapagos Island

Forty-five million Christmas Island red crabs are on the move for their once-a-year migration to breed — and so to is the Indian Ocean settlement that still calls Australia home despite sitting just 350 kilometers south of Java.

It was the 2001 Tampa crisis that forever linked Christmas Island with boat people but now the Australian outpost is desperate to shed this image and rebrand itself as Australia’s Galápagos Islands with Google playing a major hand.

Parks Australia has teamed up with the internet giant to map the migration which David Attenborough once described as one of the world’s “most astonishing sights” for Google Maps Street View.

The images are being used to enhance Street View, a component of the company’s Google Maps app, which will allow users to virtually experience the migration — and the island.

Enter Dr Alasdair Grigg, from Parks Australia and resident island expert.

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