Good Gold Coast Beaches for Swimming

If you are coming to the Gold Coast to spend your time out in the sun and go for a swim then there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind. Since most of the Gold Coast Cheap Accommodation is mainly in the main part of Surfers paradise then most people will go to Surfers Paradise beach to swim, surf and lay in the sun.

The Gold Coast has a lot of patrolled beaches where lifeguards put up flags for people to swim in between so they can be watched and rescued if needed. If you swim outside the designated flag areas then if you are faced with a freak wave or a tidal rip then you may not be seen by a lifesaver and will get yourself into some trouble.  You will also see some lifesaver huts that are about a 4m square hut on stilts so that the lifesaver can look out towards the ocean and see anyone who is trouble. When you see one of these, head into that area and you will see that swimming around this area will be monitored and safe.

Most Gold Coast beaches are great for a swim or a sunbaking day but because no one can control the weather, these beaches can turn nasty and the waves can get bigger and rougher in a short time; especially if a storm approaches quickly and you do not notice it.

During the school holidays is the safest time to swim at a Gold Coast beach as around 42 of these areas are monitored by lifesavers, while 26 swimming areas are monitored other times. Apart from the main swimming areas around Surfers Paradise, you can find some smaller beaches that are perfect for swimming and are not that far away from the main area of the Gold Coast. The surf may not be as good but if you have children that just want to wade in the shallows, then these beaches are perfect for that. They are also good if you want to play some sports in the shallow water as they are less busy and the shallow water is good to “dive for a catch” or to be able to stand and throw a Frisbee or ball.

Some great family beaches for swimming on the Gold Coast are…

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