Golden Retrievers Are A Truly Special Breed

Golden Retrievers are gentle and friendly dogs that are among the world’s most popular breeds. Playful and energetic, these dogs are very intelligent and obedient. Among the different types of golden retrievers are American Golden, English Cream, Canadian, White Golden and British Cream varieties.

Golden retrievers seem to be in a perpetual state of happiness and they are generally friendly with everyone they encounter. Their sense of friendliness also extends to other breeds of dogs and many Golden retrievers get along well with cats. Because of their warm and loving personalities, golden retriever puppies are often claimed by prospective owners as soon as litters are born.

These medium-sized dogs are usually easily identifiable by their golden coats, which are often wavy and flowing with various shades of golden hair.

The coats on golden retrievers are normally lighter in color when they are puppies and as they grow, the color of their coats often changes. The coat of the American Golden variety is redder than other breeds, which range from cream-colored to dark golden in hue.

Dog breeders around the world enthusiastically choose to breed golden retrievers for a number of reasons. Largely because of their mild temperament and ability to interact well with children, these dogs are highly sought by families with young children. Especially with golden retriever puppies, an instant bond often occurs them and their new owners and companions.

Due to the convenience of the Internet, breeders of golden retrievers can now advertise their services globally and usually post notices regarding the availability of golden retriever puppies. Many breeders now offer comprehensive web sites where interested parties can learn about the breeders’ placement rate of puppies and can learn of upcoming litters.

If desired, interested parties can inquire about specific dogs and can even make reservations for the purchase of golden retriever puppies when the litter is born. Some breeder’s web sites even offer videos of golden retriever puppies they have handled as well as videos of the golden retrievers who are currently expecting a litter of puppies.

Befitting its name, the golden retriever is an excellent breed of dog to toss a frisbee or ball with. With seemingly endless bounds of energy, these dogs eagerly retrieve every thrown object with great pleasure.

Although golden retrievers do shed some hair, they do not shed excessively. It is recommended however that these loveable dogs…

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