Go for fuel efficiency with an SUV

Big need not always be extravagant and unaffordable as evidenced by the availability of fuel efficient sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in the market place. Indeed, contrary to popular perception about an SUV being a gas-guzzler, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that there are SUVs available in different sizes and categories that are wonderfully fuel efficient and it is only a matter of identifying the one suitable to your requirements and budget.

The SUV is a superb vehicle for people who have a large family and have to often transport bulky items on a regular basis. There is no substitute for space in a vehicle especially when you have people and cargo to be carried or transported. The SUV was an introduction that met or satisfied this need in an exemplary fashion and though initially they were heavy fuel guzzlers, over time, there have been innovative modifications in their configuration and transmission capabilities to make sure that they are as fuel friendly as your normal car.

Families who are large, have to transport items and also wish to indulge in a lot of long distance driving covering some rough terrain will do well to have an SUV. With increased focus on cutting down on unnecessary expenditure weighing heavily on everybody’s mind, the natural response is to go for small vehicles so that you can save on fuel.

However, that may not be the solution to families mentioned above. The ideal solution would be to look for an alternative arrangement without having to compromise on any of the requirements. Today you have SUVs available in small, large and mid-size categories. If you can do a bit of research, talk to dealers and check out auto magazines, you should be able to find the sport utility vehicle most suitable to your needs and there is absolutely no compulsion on your part to look for options in the normal vehicle niche.

The small SUV would be able to offer you a fuel efficiency of about 22 miles to the gallon within the city and close to 33…

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