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‘GMA’ surprises a selfless mom with breakfast in bed Video

Transcript for ‘GMA’ surprises a selfless mom with breakfast in bed

It’s Friday. Yes, yes, we do. And with the great audience, we have a great mother’s day surprise, too. It’s time for one of our favorite events of the year. Emeril’s breakfast in bed surprise. We have honored so many amazing, incredible moms over the years. This morning, a deserving mother who is the operations manager at a charter school. I love the arrow. She has no idea. There she is in her office. Emeril is right outside. Take it away, emeril. Thanks, guys. Thanks, New York. I’m actually in ft. Worth, Texas. I’m at the harmony school of innovati innovation. I am standing right outside of lea’s office. She has no idea I’m here. I’ll tell you what. She’s an incredible mom. We have an incredible story for you. This is number 18, baby. 18. Hi, I’m looking for lea Siegel. Hi, are you lea Siegel. Hi, I’m emeril Lagasse. Can you come with me for a moment. Sure. Hi. How are you? Nice to see you. Come with me. Okay. I just wanted to — um, show you — that — um — oh, yes, you know, how are you? I’m good. You doing okay? You feeling all right? Oh. You see the cameras? I do. You know what? Because you’re live on “Good morning America,” right now, as we speak. Are you serious? Hi. Hello, America. That will be another surprise. Okay. We’re getting a Mike on you so we can hear you. Oh, my gosh. Some of these guys you recognize? I do. Hi, guys. All right. Okay. Sorry. So let me tell you. You know why I’m here? I have an idea, because I love you. Okay. Well, thank you. You’re the winner of my breakfast in bed contest. And you’re about ready to find out. Come on, come on, come on. Are you ready? See all these people here? They’re all here to see you. And to celebrate. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. So — now, now that you got all of your — your colleagues, cheerleaders, students. I gotta tell you. We’re here this morning because of a letter that was sent to me. Okay. Okay? Okay. Robin has the story. Check it out. Dear emeril. Reporter: It was the words of a 19-year-old that grabbed our hearts. My mom is the right choice for this surprise. She could have been a statistic. A teenage mom falling through the cracks. But she work hard. Reporter: Chris Pitts salutes his mother, lea, who gave birth to him at 18. It was the two of them against the world. She stepped up to the plate. Filled both roles of mom and dad to me for a long time. Reporter: A brother and step dad would join them. She work twod zwrobs make sure I got into college. It’s an unconditional love. She’s pretty much a huge ball of joy. She’s the mom of all moms when it comes to Chris and Bobby. But she’s the mom of the school. Reporter: A mom to the school. An operations manager. She feeds hungry students. Getting them to prom and school supplies. Reporter: She gets involved in every single student. Have she’s more confident in me than I am. She loves me more than I do. She loves everybody more than they love themselves. She’s…

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