Glowing slinky-like ‘creature’ is actually a mass of eggs

A massive, glowing, Slinky-like “creature” photographed by a scuba diver off the coast of Australia has spurred intense speculation about what the mystery beast could be.

Is it a sea monster of the deep? A giant sea squirt? An enormous, fire-bodied sea worm?

As it turns out, it’s none of the above. The translucent, glowing tube that was photographed by Jay Wink, owner and operator of Abc Scuba Diving Port Douglas, off Port Douglas, Queensland, is made up of strings of squid eggs from a little-known species, said Rebecca Helm, a jellyfish biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

Speculation swirled that the psychedelic creature was a giant pyrosome, a free-floating sea squirt made of thousands of tiny clones. [13 Weird Things That Washed Up on Beaches]

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But if people look closely at the video, they’ll see that the mass does not have a solid exterior as those two animal types…

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