Global Business Development Services Provider, Good Leads®, Named Head of Delegation for U.S. to Naturallia 2017

Naturallia Roberval

We are pleased to select Good Leads to solicit economic development agencies + industry assns. to serve as Heads of Delegation based upon Good Leads global outreach experience, said Alain Thivvierge, Naturallia Director.

Good Leads®, an outsourced business development and B2B lead generation services provider, was designated as Head of Delegation for the United States for the Naturallia 2017 event. This International Business Development Forum will be held in Roberval, Quebec on October 16-19, 2017. Naturallia 2017 is a unique and globally-recognized event and will offer small and medium size businesses from clean energy, advanced manufacturing, value added wood products and mining industry sectors, meetings in a “business speed dating” format.

“Open the door to a world of business,” said Bob Good, CEO of Good Leads. “There is only one place where you can meet with more than 600 potential business partners from around the world in 3 days. Fifteen countries will be represented.” Presented as the Fifth Edition, Naturallia 2017 is the event to attend for business leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their business internationally through strategic, commercial, financial, or technological partnerships. Good Leads has previously participated in previous year programs, the last located in Sudbury, ON.

“Over three days, this international business development event will allow business leaders to have up to 14 personalized and pre-scheduled, 30-minute, face-to-face meetings with partners of their choice. Naturallia 2017 is a springboard toward making new international partnerships, in addition to informal meetings in a professional and friendly environment,” concluded Good.

“We are pleased to have selected Good Leads to solicit other economic development agencies and industry associations to serve as Heads of Delegation for their constituency based upon their 15 year history and global outreach experience, said Alain Thivvierge, Naturallia Director.”

About Good Leads:

Good Leads is a leading provider of outsourced business development services including closing sales, qualified lead generation and qualified voice-to-voice and face-to-face appointments. For almost 15 years, Good…

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