Glasses can be found in any shape

Glasses are essential as they not only have lenses that keep the dust away from the eyes but also have a tendency to perform several other functions like polarizing the light to let less intense light pass through the lens and into the eyes, filtering the harmful rays, improving the vision and the tinted lenses used in the glasses allow a fashionable look to be shown to the others. The party look requires such type of glasses that are stylish and colorful and have colored shades so that they suit the color of the clothes and in this way the appearance is further embellished using the stylish frames. Sunglasses are also used for fashion purposes and improving the facial expression but the fact is that they are used to polarize light so that the less intense light is passed on to the eyes and the other light that has great energy is bounced away. The rays could be of high energy and can be harmful to be captured by the iris and be processed for vision as such rays kill the cells of the eyes so easily.

Modern glasses have a feature of being attached with pads that are supposed to support the glasses on the face and so they are near the nose. They are supported on the ears as well to give a stable position to them so that the glasses do not fall. The lenses that could be used are made of plastic and they have a feature of being lightweight and less susceptible to damage and scratches which is why the people blindly go for buying these lenses because they want to have a burden free experience while wearing their specs. CR-39 plastic lenses allow the glasses to have the property of being elastic, less dispersive and lighter so that the glasses could be less of a burden to wear.

Corrective lenses are also used when it comes to seeing the distant objects. A clear image is seen with such lenses and the glasses (we Danes call them briller)use these lenses in the frames and this allows the refraction to be carried out in the best possible way. The intense beam of light is…

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