Giving New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc a Second Chance

Or perhaps you really did have a bad bottle. Maybe you would enjoy a bottle from a better producer, or with different food, or with a more interesting television program in the background. Or maybe an obnoxious guy’s favorite wine


is Chianti, so you have staked out opposing ground to demonstrate your thorough contempt for him.

Your own taste may have evolved over time. Mine did, and most people’s do, especially when they are young and just beginning to explore wine. The more wines you try, the more experiences you are able to file away, giving your brain the information it needs to form that endlessly malleable mystery known as personal taste.

reader perspectives

Eric Asimov, The New York Times
wine critic, is talking about
New Zealand sauvignon blanc this
month. If you would like to join the
conversation, try one of the bottles
listed here and as you try them, ask yourself these questions.


Now, regardless of the reason, I know plenty of people who have decided conclusively they will not drink certain wines. That is their right, and I would not bully anybody about the wines they choose to enjoy.

But here at Wine School, the aim is to be open-minded and relentlessly curious. Each month when drinking the wines at meals with friends and family, the hope is to give the wines a chance. You can love the wine, or you can hate it. What matters is thinking about why it affects you in that particular way.

This month’s wines were my opportunity to practice what I preach. The three wines I recommended were each from Marlborough on the South Island of New Zealand, the region most associated with sauvignon blanc. They were: Seresin Estate Momo 2015, Huia 2016 and Cloudy Bay 2016.

I was not surprised that many readers said they loved New Zealand sauvignon blanc, one of the most popular styles of wine in the world. Cloudy Bay — one of the best early examples of the style back in the mid-1980s, when it first gained worldwide attention — drew particular raves.

“I love, love, love Cloudy Bay,” New…

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