Gilmore Jasion Mahler Shares Insight into the Manufacturing Labor Shortage

It’s no secret that a workforce shortage in the manufacturing industry is having a major impact.

Gilmore Jasion Mahler (GJM) is the largest locally owned public accounting firm in Northwest Ohio, and has many manufacturers as clients. One of the major issues the manufacturing industry faces today is the skilled labor shortage. Noticing the challenge, and wanting to help their clients, GJM hosted a roundtable discussion on May 25, 2017, and recently, the firm’s Manufacturing Specialist Team published an article about the manufacturing workforce shortage happening throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. This shortage isn’t felt just in that particular area, it is also happening across the nation.

“It’s no secret that a workforce shortage in the manufacturing industry is having a major impact,” said Charlie Heid, lead for GJM’s Manufacturing & Distribution Specialist team. “Talk to any manufacturer across Northwest Ohio or across the nation and they’ll probably tell you this is the number one concern and has been for many years. We know they can’t solve this problem by operating alone. If we work together, we can make a difference and manufacturers can lead the way.”

GJM’s roundtable discussion included local economic development experts, manufacturers, educators, and more. The workforce shortage situation was talked about and various stakeholders came together to brainstorm a plan for addressing it. The article, “The New Manufacturing: Taking Action to Solve the Skilled Labor Shortage,” stemmed from the discussion, and it includes video clips from the roundtable discussion, as well as insights from numerous financial and manufacturing leaders.

The article outlines the causes for today’s workforce shortage, which include a population shift and a change in educational focus. Many feel strongly there is also a “skills disconnect” between what is taught in school and what skills businesses are actually looking for. GJM reported on potential solutions to the problem in its informative article. To read more information about the skilled labor shortage and ideas on how to fix it, visit

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