Getting Quality Sales Copy like the Gurus

Have you ever read sales copy so damn good that you felt the urge to reach out for that credit card and buy the product?

That is what Sales copy can do. It can make you believe that this product can help you, can solve your problem, can benefit you.

How is it that Internet Gurus are always able to churn out ‘Killer’ Sales Copy while you have to manage with a poor substandard version that at best makes one sale a year?

What is the secret recipe to Sales copy that can sell?

The Secret Recipe

Writing good quality sales copy requires an astute understanding of the human brain.

No, it is not meant for psychiatrists or psychologists. It is still a content writer’s job.

But it is something that requires a few additional skill sets.

A writer who can understand how the brain works and reacts when it sees sales copy can create the best one.

The factors that matter

A good sales copy is like a recipe. There are numerous ingredients that come together to create the perfect dish. If an ingredient is missing, then it is obvious in the end result.

1.  The Heading: The heading of a sales copy is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects that determine the effectiveness of the copy. A Heading must promise and intrigue at the same time. The reader must feel that reading the copy can deliver what he/she is looking for. At the same time, the intriguing nature of the copy is what will drive even normal readers in.
2.  The first few lines: Ok, you have managed to draw the reader in with your heading. Now what? Most people who click on a link or a page will scan through the first few lines to see if reading the page is worth their time. The first few lines of the copy will be the ones that will be scanned first. These lines are called teasers because they tease the reader enough to make him read more. Your teaser should expand on your headline. They should believe that reading the copy can get them the desired result.
3.  The Glory lies in a story: People get emotionally connected to stories. Some of the best selling sales copy has good quality stories woven into it. Create a compelling story about how the product has benefited or helped people. Every one looks for results from a product and they believe in products that other people vouch for.
4.  Make it easier for the eye: Having subheads and bullet points makes it easier for the reader to know and understand why they should read that section. A subhead is a stop. So as a sales copy writer, you should ensure that each subhead…

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