Get Through These Important Testing Interview Questions before the Final Interview

Nowadays, there is various new software and applications are being designed for different purposes. Each day brings something new in the web technology in order to make life easy of the users using many online applications. Before getting ready for the users, every web application or software needs to undergo several procedures of testing to assess its feasibility. It is done to access the load tome and user friendliness of the application or software.  Quality testers are assessed under various parameters. To prepare for a quality tester interview one should have a deep knowledge and skills. Here you will get some of the probable questions that will be asked in quality testing interview.

What do you mean by reactive and preventative testing?

Reactive tests are those tests that are designed after the development of software or application, while preventative tests are designed during the development stage.

What are the exit criteria?

It is defined when the test level is completed.

Define Beta Testing?

Testing performed in different locations by the potential customers is called Beta testing.

Explain briefly about Rapid Application Development?

Rapid Action Development is done parallel with integrated functions in testing. It is designed and promoted as the mini projects. The components and functions involved in RAD are time framed and bound in to the working protocol. This makes customer to access the feedback channel and other components related to delivery channel. This technique has provided the liberty of rapid development and change.  All the specifications of the product need to be developed during the somewhere in the stage of development. 

What do you understand by component testing?

Component testing is done to identify the defects and access the functioning of the software. It is also known as the module testing or unit testing. Depending on the life cycle development, component testing is done based on the isolation of rest of the system….

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