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Patrons checking out the inaugural Arroyo Seco Weekend not only got a chance to check out plenty of tunes and eats in Pasadena, but they could also score some free swag.

Lucky for you, we scoped out some of the best spots to grab some of that free stuff, so you can have eternal bragging rights with your friends.

So whether you are here for the rest of the day today or coming tomorrow, here are some spots to go to get your free swag on.

Bai tent

What they offer: Free T-shirts that you can customize, free drinks, a photobooth and bandannas or fans.

How to get it: It’s all free, but you have to post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #FlavorofLife to get a free bandanna or fan.

More information: This may be one of the coolest pieces of free swag seen at a festival (in my opinion), you can create your own ingredients T-shirt (like 100 percent swag, 110 percent confidence, etc.) and they print it up right there in the booth for you. However, get there early and be prepared to wait a bit in line. The T-shirt is worth the wait, though.

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Califia Farms tent

What they offer: Free coffee samples and a photobooth

How to get it: It’s all free!

More information: Need a pick-me-up throughout the festival day? Head to this tent to try some cold brew coffee samples (they come in multiple flavors – my personal fave is the salted caramel) and get your photo taken.

Visit Pasadena tent

What they offer: Flip books, videos, sunscreen, lip balm and more goodies.

How to get it: It is all free!

More information: Here’s a fun and creative way to commemorate this festival trip with your friends – make a cute photo flip book. You will stand in front of a camera (with a cool Pasadena-themed background) and make a short video. You can then download the video and also get it printed out in a flip book form to have forever. As you wait for your photos to be printed don’t forget to grab a sunscreen bottle or lip balm off the…

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