Get the Edge: Be a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist

In the modern age of global connectivity, the fast exchange of information is essential. To address this ever increasing demand, a new breed of professionals is needed to focus on improving the information exchange and to come up with solutions for problems that may be encountered.

Software companies have come up with the idea of training Information Technologists to be more specialized on their products. This ushered in the birth of professional certifications for information technologists. Microsoft for its part even train and give certifications for user specialists in Microsoft Office through third-party companies. These certified user specialists in Microsoft Office are called Microsoft Office Specialists or MOS for short.

MOS was known previously as Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS). This certification program will give a thorough knowledge of the Microsoft Office Software. There is no degree requirement, for anyone can just take this course. There are two courses for this program. These are the core specialization and the advanced master specialization. Job seekers will take advantage of these certifications because they can prove to employers that they have the essential computer skills.

In the very competitive world of job applications, an individual must look for ways to set them apart from the rest of the applicants. Though Microsoft Office competence may not be the main requirement for the applied position, it’s a computer skill that is still considered important by companies.

For the employed individuals, a continuing education of this certification program will give the much needed advantage for promotion. Your mastery of the Microsoft Office Applications will never cease to amaze your employers. From the simple paper works to the office presentations, your works will truly stand out among the rest.

Aside from the certification you will receive upon completing the program, you will be given a MOS logo. This logo can be proudly placed on…

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