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Eating fruit is good for health. Eat my fruit and help me in spreading my seed is what a tree says. It is how nature works.

To keep our physical as well as mental condition healthy eating all fruits is necessary. They are the chief source of vitamins. Vitamins are important to body’s daily function and are essential in growth and repair. It protects the mucous membrane of mouth, throat, lungs and nose. It helps in maintaining smooth and disease free skin. Reduce the risk of lungs and certain types of oral cancers. It aids in digestion of carbohydrates and stabilizes appetite.

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Different vitamins have different functions in our body. Hence it is understood the importance of adding fruits in our diet. Eating fruits regularly in good quantity help in preventing diseases and building strong immune system. Never avoid fruits just because you do not like it. Every fruit has some important vitamins that are good for our health. Most of the people avoid eating bananas without considering the health benefits of it. Bananas are rich in vitamin B, which helps in increasing metabolism of the body and helps in turning carbohydrate into energy required by the body. Vitamin B helps in avoiding heart disease and Beriberi. Fruits help in keeping skin glowing and fresh.

Other vitamins like vitamin A found in apple and oranges help in preventing weakness of bones and night blindness. They are good for eyesight and help in strengthening the bones of the body. It should be taken by people of all age specially children and students.

One should keep on consuming fresh fruit juice on a regular basis to keep them energetic. Vitamin B series also help in the growth of blood cells in the body and Vitamin C, found in citrus foods such as orange, grapes, lemon, apple and banana help in the anti-oxidizing body, which protects body tissues and cells from getting damaged. They also help in preventing deadly disease like cancers and play a main role in developing muscles and absorption of iron. Lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy, cancer, Unintentional weight loss, infection of various kinds of mental process and blood gums. The physical fitness is attached to the mental health of body. A physically fit person has good mental conditions.

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