Now more than ever, that it is a very exciting time for the entertainment industry. Technology stands to completely revolutionize how we discover and consume entertainment content.

The Multi-Screen Paradigm

We are entering a paradigm where entertainment professionals and digital marketers are going to need to start to craft a second screen (tablet) and third screen (mobile) strategy for their programming. When shows are live, second and third screens present an opportunity for consumers to interact with content as never before. Imagine a talk show host allowing users to vote in real time from an iPad app. That data could be displayed in real time on the show. These additional screens also will allow consumers to have instant and highly social access to each other through rich applications. This trend has already begun, and that the concept of real-time user generated color commentary will take on new forms that we cannot imagine today. These screens will also afford programming professionals access to consumer feedback in a way that makes the Nielsen rating system seem incredibly archaic. The future of truly interactive TV programming has just begun.

Good Bye Remote

The remote, with its painful linear scrolling, will be going away. Enter stage left will be tablets which will pave the way for a richer navigation interface. As video content continues to proliferate and become fragmented, strong search and discovery tools will emerge to meet the market need. As most cable subscribers currently know, the cable remote is an inadequate tool to navigate the hundreds of existing channels. Imagine YouTube, Vimeo and Cable all in one single TV experience. Technology will need to solve the challenges of navigating all this aggregated content in short order.

The Social Graph and Discovery

As video content multiplies and continues to become more niche, the social graph will be a key way for consumers to discover new programming. Consumers will increasingly rely on what their friends like and advocate to find new video programming. They will also be able to access respected influencers within their social graph to find quality content. Building viewership will increasingly be an exercise focused on three efforts:

1) Targeting consumers with relevant niche interests in social marketing to successfully introduce new content; 2) launching campaigns that get consumers to share their programming passions; 3) finding influencers who will share and advocate your programming….

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